Place of sermon and rainy season stay of Buddha

  • Country : India
  • State : Uttar Pradesh
  • Location : 52 Km from Allahabad
  • Best time to visit :October to March
  • Tourist places to visit : Old Kaushambi , Ghositaram Monastery , Ashokan Pillar Inscription , Buddhist Remains, Prabhasgiri

  • Significance : Place of sermon and rainy season stay of Buddha
  • Nearby Tourist Places : Sarnath, Shravasti , Sankisa , Kushinagar , Bodhgaya , Rajgir , Nalanda , Vaishali , Kesaria , Lauria Nandangarh , etc.
  • Festivals to visit : Buddha Purnima , Asalha Day

Kaushambi in Uttar Pradesh, India attracts a lot of pilgrims, heritage enthusiasts and pilgrims to this antique Buddhist land. The recent excavations undertaken in this district reiterated its quaint Buddhist connection right from the time of Lord Buddha. This site served as the foundation for ncient Buddhist monastery, namely Ghositarama. This monastery was built by a banker and royal treasurer of Kaushambi, Ghosita during sixth century BC.

Lord Buddha himself visited this glorious kingdom on the invitation of King Udayana several times and even stayed in this monastery. Also, he spent his sixth and ninth year post enlightenment here and discoursed important preaching and sermons. Various incidents related to Buddha and his visit to this monastery is mentioned in this Tripitakas or Buddhist scriptures. This ancient connection makes Kaushambi tour worth a visit for every Buddhist pilgrim.

Tourism Attractions in Kaushambi -

Sheetla Temple: Sheetla Temple is devoted to the namesake goddess associated with power and the worshipping this Hindu deity is said to impart strength to the devotees. Located by the River Ganges, this temple is a famous Shaktipeeth revered by the Hindu Devotees. Nearby the temple are the ruins of Hindu King Jai Chand's fortress.

Prabhosha: Prabhosha or Prabhashgiri is renowned as the sacred Hindu site where Lord Krishna spent his last days on earth and here only he died of an arrow. This town is also revered among Jains for the presence of Bhagwan Padma Prabhu temple, who was the sixth Jain Tirthankar. The ancient caves here trace the ancient links of the site with the presence of caves inscribed in Brahmi script.

Durga Devi Temple of ManjhanpurThis temple is situated about 1km away in the south-west of Manjhanpur town area. In this temple there is an idol of black stone of Goddess Durga and Lord Shiva. It is believed that these idols are of the time of Buddha. On the occasion of Navaratri there is a large crowd to worship Goddess Durga.

Kamasin Devi TempleThis temple is situated on the bank of a pond about 10km away in the west of Manjhanpur in the village of Gambheerapurab . According to the local tradition Kamasin Devi fulfils all the desires of her followers. Local people have a great faith on the devine powers of this temple.

Shri Ram Temple BajhaThis place is situated about 30km away from Allahabad on the Allahabad Kanpur road . This place resides in the Chayal tehsil area. A huge temple of Lord Shri Ram is situated at this place. This temple was constructed around 20 years ago.


Allahabad: 60 km west of Kaushambi Tour is Allahabad, the city of many dimensions. This city holds reverence amongst Hindus as the Sangam, the confluence of three rivers - Ganges, Yamuna and Saraswati. Also, this place hosts the world's largest public gathering event featuring a religious fair during Kumbha Mela, held once in every 12 years. The next Kumbha Mela is scheduled for 2025.

Varanasi: People from all over the world flock to the place to seek divinity and freeedom from the sins and the place is seen to be busy of "Yagyas" and "Pujas" and "Daan-Dakshina" round the year.

The sacred city of Varanasi is renowned for its ancient culture and spiritual rituals centered on the famous riverfronts along River Ganges or Ghats. Besides this, the city also hosts forts, palaces, temples and terraces. The main attraction of the city's visit according to the Buddhist devotee is Sarnath, the important Buddhist pilgrimage site known as the site of Lord Buddha's first sermon.

Marked by the presence of two stupas, namely Dhamekha and Chaukhandi, this site is revered among every Buddhist follower as the site of turning the wheel of law.

How to reach in Kaushambi :

Air: There is an airport in the Allahabad region, called Bamrauli. However this could be a hectic journey. Better option could be the Varanasi airport.

Rail:Allahabad is a well-linked station in U.P railway map. There is no railhead at Kaushambi, probably due to sustenance of Buses.

Road:Regular buses run to Kaushambi from Allahabad. This is the most reliable source of travel; however, private taxis are also available.

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